Honda BF 250

Honda’s BF250 combines a powerful 3.6L V6 EFI engine with the world’s first direct air induction system to deliver outstanding performance.


New 60°, V6, 3.6L. A powerful, compact, 24-valve SOHC design, ensures superior performance, reliability and durability based on Honda’s engineering excellence. This narrow V6 engine concept allows for simplified installation, particularly in multiple engine installation packages.
The dynamic design feature of the BF250 allows external air to be drawn directly into the engine. The result is a reduction in intake air temperature and an increase in air volume to the engine to deliver outstanding overall performance.
Beneath its distinct progressive V cowl, the BF250 incorporates exclusive Honda technologies:
Big powerful 3.6 litre V6
ECOmo Lean Burn Control®
NMEA 2000®
Huge 90 amp alternator
Improved corrosion resistance
Most fuel efficient in class
CARB 2006 and EPA 2008 ultra low emissions compliant
OEDA 3 star ultra low emission rating

The BF250D is also available in SPECIAL limited edition white