Honda BF 115

The Honda BF115 incorporates a range of Honda exclusive technologies to deliver incredible power and superior fuel efficiency.


The fuel consumption of the new BF115 has been reduced by a massive 20% by adopting Honda’s Lean Burn Control system®. Known as ECOmo (Economy controlled motor) the system is activated when the engine is mid range cruising and the throttle is steady. The 1st engine that was installed achieved an amazing 3km per litre at cruise.

The BF115 features BLAST™ (Boosted low speed torque) and is NMEA compatible, meaning all engine data including speed, fuel consumption, cruising distance, etc can be displayed on the GPS screen.

Delivering more power, torque, and efficiency at every speed. At 4500rpm, a special high-lift cam engages to pack more air into the combustion chamber to produce more power.

As well as cheap boating, thesse features mean a lot less fuel and weight to carry around each trip, or a far greater range on a tank.