Honda BF 6

There’s no two-stroke oil mixing, resulting in a healthier experience for you and the environment.
Compare that with the smoky discharge of two-stroke competitors, and you’ll also save money in the long run with a Honda!


The Honda BF6 portable outboard engine model provides a complete performance package for the most comfortable journeys in small boats and dinghies.
Equipped with the largest internal fuel tank in its class for extended running time, offers a simple start-stop sequence, low vibration and noise, portability and easy storage.
The engine also can be mounted with different propeller options, for greater flexibility depending on torque, speed and power requirements.
Compact and lightweight, the Honda BF6 is equipped with a powerful 127cc engine that provides efficient acceleration and high levels of torque.
To help protect the engine, the Honda BF6 outboard features an Oil Alert System that indicates low oil pressure. When low oil is detected, the system will automatically limit the engine speed to 2,300 rpm. In addition, this Honda model is easy to start, courtesy of a decompression system that serves to bleed off cylinder pressure to reduce the pulling force to start the engine.