Evinrude Oils

XD100 maintains engine power and acceleration by reducing combustion deposits and friction. Designed specifically for Evinrude outboards, the synthetic formula delivers maximum engine performance with uncompromising lubrication.

XD50 Synthetic Blend 2-Stroke Outboard Oil is used to reduce smoke and overall maintenance required while increasing reliability in any Evinrude or Johnson outboard. XD50 is suitable for any direct injection, oil injection or pre-mixed outboard that specifies a TC-W3 oil. The synthetic blend flows easily – even in extremely cold conditions as low as 0˚F (-17˚C).

XD30 Premium Formula 2-Stroke Outboard Oil is formulated for 2-stroke engines that specify TCW3, API TC, JASO FB certified oils. This performance enhanced blend provides greater lubrication and detergency than the minimum TC-W3 requirements. XD30 is designed for use in both general and light-load applications.