Honda BF 20

The large capacity, long stroke Honda BF20 has instant power right from idle.
Thanks to their incredible lightweight, the engines are also very easy to transport.


With a high output 350cc displacement and long-stroke design, the Honda BF20 is a top performer, providing optimum torque at any speed. Programmed Ignition (PGM-IG) accurately controls ignition timing during start-up and across the entire rev range for optimum overall operation.
A 12amp (electric start) alternator also ensures excellent charging power to keep batteries in top condition.
A foldaway handle positioned at the exact balance point of each engine makes it easy to carry the outboard in a level position.
The Honda BF20 is equipped with Power Tilt and Gas Assist Tilt variations – perfect for effortless engine tilt operations and shallow-water running.
Cruising is improved and more comfortable with Honda’s unique pendulum-motion mounting system. This system, featured in the BF20, is specially designed to reduce vibration and maximise user comfort.
A convenient Forward Mount Shift Lever allows fingertip shifting, while a Twist Grip Throttle and Tensioner ensures superior throttle friction, minimising driver fatigue.