Honda BF 2.3

Thanks to the ergonomic carry handle fitted to each engine, the BF2.3 can be taken anywhere.


Although these compact engines pack enough punch to push a boat out to sea, they’re light enough to be carried easily back to the car.

The Honda BF2.3 features a 3amp battery charging outlet as standard equipment, as well as a safety lock-out system that allows the engines to be started only in neutral gear. For increased control and reduced steering effort, the Honda BF2.3 has a Twist Grip Throttle which ensures superior throttle friction and enhances response and manoeuvrability.

Despite their size, the Honda BF2.3 boasts all the benefits of Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology, which is second to none.

Just like the rest of Honda’s outboard range, these engines are also extremely fuel-efficient.