Honda BF 150

Big on Power – Smooth with low fuel consumption.


The Honda 150HP sets a new benchmark for reliability.
Proven in Europe and here in New Zealand in the cauldron of offshore powerboat racing the Honda 150HP redefines the term bulletproof. Advanced technology from the Honda Formula 1 program helps to set the Honda BF150 apart from the competition. Power is nothing without control, and the winning combination of VTEC™, Dual Stage Induction, and Lean Burn Feedback all contribute to a motor that offers a smooth, quiet and fuel efficient boating experience.
It features BLAST™ (Boosted low speed torque) for rapid acceleration, ECOmo Lean Burn Control® for exceptional fuel economy at cruise and NMEA which enables all engine and fuel data to be viewed on a GPS screen.
VTEC™ and Dual Stage Induction work to produce a longer, flatter torque profile: the ultimate in fine-tuned performance.