Fyran Boats

All Fyran boats are manufactured in New Zealand at a purpose built state of the art facility at East Tamaki in Auckland. Fyran is the most knowledgeable aluminium boat builder in NZ, having made the first production aluminium boats in the industry back in 1953. Since that time Fyran have gone on to develop and innovate, both design and different ways of construction.

In 2007 Fyran invested in a CNC router, a computer controlled machine that very accurately cuts and drills aluminium. Applying this technology has resulted in precision cut components that fit together perfectly which results in a lighter stronger boat. Fyran has also invested in new precision welding machines that are kinder to the environment.

Fyran have created special techniques for forming thicker sheets of aluminium that allows the use of formed sections of 5mm aluminium material. This contributes to Fyran's legendary easy ride.   

Fyran boats are exceptionally safe and very strong. For example, the 760 Pursuit GT features 6x 5mm stringers, all full height from hull to floor, 6x5mm ribs, all welded to the 5mm thck hull, a 90mm keel bar extrusion and a 40mm chine extrusion. All this combines to create enormous rigidity and strength. 



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